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Whatever your activity... you can take part in the adventure.

All you need is a small space to display our products.

In the 6 years of its existence, our game consoles have been placed in the living room of more than 20,000 customers.

You potentially have customers who are willing to buy our consoles to recapture their childhood memories.

Retrogaming is all the rage and the video game market is worth 155 billion euros worldwide.

Game consoles assembled in Europe

We create retro game consoles with several tens of thousands of mythical games. But rather than tell you that our products are good, we prefer to let our customers speak for themselves:

Our consoles allow our customers to replay their childhood games and pass on their passion for retrogaming to their loved ones. And thanks to our French customer service that responds in less than 24 hours, you can be sure that your customers will be treated well by us.

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Presentation kit at only 199£

This Retrogaming kit will present the product and give your customers the opportunity to test it on site. It will also allow you to offer a gaming area in your shop, the children will be able to play and you will have all the attention of the parents.

We provide 300 arcade games, for short games suitable for public places. We offer a free download service if you want to change the games from time to time.

The kit requires two electrical outlets. It is 45cm high and 50cm wide and can be mounted on a wall. It is completely self-contained, you plug it in and people can play immediately. There is a volume control on the side of the screen.

If at a later date you want a customised kit, with a more powerful console, more or less games, other controllers or joysticks, or even a complete arcade system, this is possible.

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