Questions and Answers

What differentiates the consoles ?
The primary distinctions lie in the power, the range of emulated systems, and the quantity of games available.
How does the system operate ?
Similar to contemporary consoles, it operates via HDMI. It's a plug-and-play system, requiring no initialization.
How many games are included ?
You can access the lists of all games on this page :
Do all the games function properly ?
Most games function very effectively.
Is it possible to add more games ?
Yes, adhere to this procedure :
Is it compatible with modern televisions?
Yes, it even functions on 8K TVs.
Do the games have a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio ?
The choice is yours. Within the console options, you can select the desired ratio according to your preference.
How is the image quality ?
The image quality is high, and the console offers various filters that allow you to modify the image, such as scanlines, a CRT effect, various smoothing, and color effects.
What types of controllers are compatible ?
Compatible controllers include PS3, PS4, Switch, various Microsoft USB controllers, Xbox 360, Xbox One (excluding Bluetooth for now), Hori, Madcatz, 8bitdo, and more.
Is it possible to save game progress ?
Yes, you can save at any time by pressing Select + Y. To load, simply press Select + X.
How long does delivery take ?
Following the preparation period specified on the product pages, we ship via DHL Express from Europe. Delivery typically takes 1-2 days for Europe and 3-7 days for the rest of the world.
What payment methods are accepted ?
We accept payments through bank transfers, Klarna Pay Later, and credit cards.
Is the console suitable for children ?
Sure, you have the option to enable children mode in the menu to prevent them from accessing the settings.
How about the warranty ?
All our products come with a two-year warranty and one year of technical support.

Please note that altering the system will void your warranty.
What if I'm not entirely satisfied ?
You have a 60-day trial period. Please contact us via email with your order number.