Questions / Answers

What are the differences between the consoles ?
The main difference is the power, the number of emulated systems and the number of games.
How does it work ?
Like any modern console, with HDMI. It’s plug and play, no initialization needed.
How many games do I get ?
You can find the lists of all games on this page :
Are all the games working well ?
The majority of games work very well.
Can I add games ?
Yes, follow this method :
Does it work on modern televisions ?
Yes it even works on 8K TVs.
Are the games 4/3 or 16/9 ?
It's up to you. In the console options it is possible to choose the desired ratio according to your personal choice.
How is the image quality good?
The image quality is good and there are several filters in the console that allow you to modify the image, for example: Scanlines, a CRT effect, various smoothing and color effects ...
What controllers can I use ?
PS3, PS4, Switch, many Microsoft USB controllers, Xbox 360, Xbox One (not Bluetooth for now), Hori, Madcatz, 8bitdo...
Can we save the games ?
Yes it is possible to save at any time by pressing Select + Y. To load just press Select + X.
What is the delivery delay ?
Your package is shipped after the delay of preparation announced on the product pages. We then ship by TNT Express from Europe, it takes 1-2 days for Europe and 3-7 days for the rest of the World.
What are the payment options available ?
We accept payments by bank transfers and credit cards.
Is the console children friendly ?
Yes. You can activate the children mode in the menu, so they don’t touch the settings.
What about the warranty ?
All our products got a 2 years warranty and one year of technical support.

Be careful, changing the system nullifies your warranty.
What if I’m not really satisfied ?
You have a 14 days trial period. Contact us by email with your order number.