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A website generating more than 1 million euros in turnover per year

No matter what your online business is… you can take your slice of that million euros pie.

For that, you just need to have qualified traffic to send to our website. In barely 4 years of existence, our game consoles have been placed in the living rooms of more than 12,000 customers.

So you probably have a few leads who are ready to put their hands in their wallets to get you touched...

Up to 10% commission per sale

We offer a tier system to reward the best affiliates. You start at the first level with 5% on each sale, then after 10 sales, you move to the next level.

The last level offers a commission rate of 10%.

And if you are a very large affiliate (more than 10,000 leads), you can send us an email at [email protected] to ask us to start at a level higher.

An average basket of €514

  • You can earn up to €15 per sale on average (at the first level).
  • For each click on our store, you earn an average of €0.15 at the first level.
  • The store has a conversion rate of 1%. It may seem low, but understand that we sell products whose price can go up to more than 900€.
  • The reimbursement rate is barely 4.7%.
  • You get paid 1 month after your first sales, every 5th of the month.
  • The ideal target is a man over 35 who has an interest in technology, video games, manga or comics.
  • Copy/paste a few paragraphs and collect your first commissions now thanks to the emails, banners and advertising scripts that we provide.







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Retrogaming consoles assembled and manufactured in Europe

We sell retro game consoles with tens of thousands of games installed on them. But rather than telling you that our products are of quality, we prefer to let our customers do the talking:

Our consoles allow our customers to replay their childhood games and pass on their passion for retrogaming to their loved ones. And thanks to our French customer service responding in less than 48 hours, you can be sure that your leads will be well treated with us.

Collect your first commissions today

Frequently asked Questions

Why do I have to register on your website?

Since we use Woocommerce, you must create an account on our site to be able to follow your affiliate sales. Your personal information will be used only in the context of the affiliation. We never resell your data. You will also not be spammed with promotional messages.

How do I contact you if I have a question?

You can send us an email at [email protected]. Our customer service responds to you in less than 48 hours, Monday to Saturday.

How can I track the sales I have made?

To follow the sales made by your affiliate link, simply go to your member area. You will find all the information you need in the section called “Affiliate”.

What is the payment term for my commissions?

We pay all our affiliates 1 month after the first sales, on the 5th of each month. This gives us time to manage refund requests and order cancellations.

Is it possible to negotiate the commission rate?

If you have a very large list of qualified leads (more than 10,000), do not hesitate to send us an email at [email protected]. We are prepared to negotiate a special commission rate.

Can you send traffic to us?

Yes, if your offer is interesting for our customers and your products are of quality, we can send traffic to you. Write to us at contact[email protected] and clearly explain your proposal.

What is the commission payment threshold?

We pay commissions to affiliates from 150€ of sales made. Rest assured, most of our products cost more than 300€. So if you make at least 10 sales, you will receive your commissions.