Back to the past


50 consoles in one

With the Retro console, you own the history of video games in one box.

The whole gaming universe from 80s and 90s is now reaching you for hours of entertainment.

Looking like you

Nostalgic, choose the box that reminds you pleasures from your childhood. Nostalgique, choisissez le boitier qui vous rappelle les plaisirs de votre enfance.

Whether it is the NES Retro Console, the MegaDrive or the SNES, you will have access to the same catalog and features.

Playing is easy

Two connections are enough to start the Retro console.

The games are already installed. A simple press of the button will start them.
Solo or up to 4 players.

A large choice of retro games

Thanks to the SD card, between 12,000 and 46,000 games are available to you.

Enough to spend a few long evenings gaming with friends. The whole history of Video Games in a single console.

Maximal compatibility

Plug any controller, thanx to the 4 USB ports.

Using Bluetooth, connect your XBOX, PS3, PS4 wireless controllers ... to play from anywhere in your living room.

Adapts to all screens

Want to play your favorite games on your 4K screen?

Rest assured, the retrogaming console is equipped with an HDMI socket compatible with all modern TVs.

Intuitive and scalable

The interface, menus and game descriptions are in English.

The console is scalable, you can add games using a USB stick or external hard drive.

A quality product

Working with the Recalbox software, our Retro consoles are assembled in France.

With a parts and labor 2-year-warranty, we also provide one year support to answer all of your questions.

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