SD Card for Steam Deck with 54,000 Retro Games – ★ Retrogaming Console ★ 75.000 games inside one retro console ! ★
SD Card for Steam Deck with 54,000 Retro Games
RetroBox Classics Retrogaming Console
3 March 2023


Do you already have the Steam Deck console?

Enjoy more games and an updated system at the snap of a finger. With 54,000 ready-to-play games, simply insert the SD card and you’re good to go!

The new game system Batocera 36, specifically designed for the Steam Deck, will bring significant improvements and greater stability. This system is virtually identical to Recalbox, but is dedicated to this portable console, making it perfectly suited.

A breeze to use!

Just insert the 512GB SD card into your console to enjoy the latest version of the Batocera game system and thousands of installed games!

Don’t have a Steam Deck yet?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer it for sale as it is a Steam exclusive, but you can find it on the website below. You can get the Steam Deck 64GB for 400€ if it’s just for using our SD cards. If you want to install Steam/Windows games, then get a 256 or 512GB version.

Contents of the pack:

1 Sandisk 512GB Micro SD card with 54,000 games for the Steam Deck console.

Software: Batocera V36
Support: For 1 year
Warranty: For 2 years
Number of players: 4 players
Number of games: 54,000
Playable systems: 64

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