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Speed Freaks
7 March 2023
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Jewel Master
10 March 2023

To say the least, Nintendo 64 games didn’t all age very well.





Already, originally with most games on this console, the player had to do with blur and drooling textures but nowadays it goes much less well.

You tell me, the “retrogamer” he doesn’t care, he likes the game “in his juice”. Yes this is true, but it doesn’t stop being a little critical with these games.

On the one hand the catalog was pretty poor for certain categories of games but on the other hand we had to do with what was offered.

When I think about kids these days who complain about not having 60fps, 4k, etc… this makes me laugh softly.

In the car games genre (I said car not karting) Nintendo 64 didn’t have many valid titles in its catalog.

I’ve mentioned a few titles many times like RR64, Battle adventure racing, Vigilante 8 or the Cruis’n series.

In this thin catalog, there are many mediocre games and there are still a few mediocre games left like TOP GEAR OVERDRIVE that you can find in your emulation Retrobox machines on N64.

Here, it’s a rather fast paced arcade racing game considered a nice game (at the time and for that machine’s catalog).

However, as unfortunately with many games on this N64, the lifespan isn’t terrible with only five different circuits but it makes up for it with the ability to play four simultaneously on the same screen (You know, that option that all current developers forget too often).

A game not to be taken seriously, fun but you have to accept the graphic tares. And you don’t turn down a game with a good soundtrack, and it’s not everyday you can direct a sausage other than by hand 😁





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