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Jewel Master
10 March 2023
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Bubble Bobble
13 March 2023

Sometimes you don’t really explain why a game hasn’t found its audience.





The timing of the release may be wrong, another game released at the same time that casts shadow on it, or a genre that doesn’t really fit with the current fashions may be the cause.

Anyway, retrogaming allows you to relive a game from the past, and enjoy a proposed gameplay and neat direction, and especially to discover an unknown or unjustly forgotten title.

This is the case of TERRANIGMA that you will find emulated in your Retrobox machines on SNES.

This is an action/RPG that will give you the heavy task of remaking the world. Rest assured, not in the Jupiter way who wants to “fuck off” the less fortunate.

You go with your man, reshape the world by carrying you in unlikely situations.

If you love SNES-era games, you should love this game with its very typical graphics from the end of this console.

It’s not a must see game, rather classic but still nice in what it offers. It doesn’t claim to equal the classic “Secret of Mana,” but fans of this one should still take a look.

To give a try:



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