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20 March 2023
Super tennis console retro gaming retrobox bacutera - Super Tennis

Super Tennis

If there’s one category of video games that you notice the evolution of quickly over the years, it’s sports games.           We […]
15 March 2023
street racer console retrobox retro gaming batocera - Street Racer

Street Racer

You doubt that the huge success of “Super Mario Kart” will spawn a whole clone float.             I’m going to rely […]
14 March 2023
starlight console retro gaming retrobox batocera - Starlight


You have in your machines, a whole bunch of games “like.. “Something as we liked to call them back in the day.”         […]
13 March 2023
Bubble bobble console retro gaming retrobox batocera - Bubble Bobble

Bubble Bobble

Before being a rather reputed thinking game the BUBBLE BOBBLE series was an arcade/platform game.         You will find this game in the […]
11 March 2023
terranigma console retrobox retro gaming batocera - Terranigma


Sometimes you don’t really explain why a game hasn’t found its audience.         The timing of the release may be wrong, another game […]
9 March 2023
topgear console retro gaming retrobox batocera - Top Gear Overdrive

Top Gear Overdrive

To say the least, Nintendo 64 games didn’t all age very well.         Already, originally with most games on this console, the player […]
7 March 2023
speed freaks console retrobox retro gaming batocera - Speed Freaks

Speed Freaks

In life, you gotta know how to “loot” left and right before you settle. In video games it’s kind of the same but you have to […]
6 March 2023
battle garegga console retrobox retro gaming batocera - Battle Garegga

Battle Garegga

We often forget to look from the side of Saturn (at least for those who don’t know this console because those who know very well that […]
4 March 2023
edono kibaconsole retrobox retro gaming batocera - Edono Kiba

Edono Kiba

“Exclusive” games on the Japanese market you will find a little bit everywhere emulated in your machines.         It is also one of […]
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