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15 March 2023

If there’s one category of video games that you notice the evolution of quickly over the years, it’s sports games.






We get almost “photo realistic” games nowadays but when is the fun in hand??? Does seeing Ronaldo’s underwear sweat change anything?

Sports games you can find on all consoles and computers. On the contrary, they are not all worth it, and when I say that, I’m talking about sensations, remote pleasures and not graphics.

Take the example of tennis games. Try “Mario tennis” (all episodes except the Wii version u way too shabby even though it stays nice), you will instantly be in love.

Just like the fabulous “virtua tennis” (at least the first two) on Dreamcast.

Simulation fanatics will only swear by the “Top Spin” series of course (It’s a must for everyone).

But tennis games, they existed long before these rather well-known games in the gaming world.

All the quotes would be annoying, but in bulk you’ll find something to satisfy your cravings for yellow babbles in your Retroboxes with CAPCOM SPORTS CLUB (Arcade), ACTUA TENNIS (PS1), ANDRE ALL STAR TENNIS(PS1), TENNIS COURT CENTER (N64), GREAT COURTS (Amstrad, amiga, etc… ), PETE SAMPRAS TENNIS (Megadrive), TENNNIS (Intellivision), SEGA SUPERSTAR TENNIS(PS2), etc… etc….

And also some SUPER TENNIS that you will find emulated in your Retrobox machines on SNES.

This was a title in the launch of this machine and it remained a must-have for any fan of the sport at the time.

Of course, this game has aged “evil”. It should also be said that he wasn’t exempt from reproach when he came out either.

Indeed, the characters are rude and the settings are quite poor… but we’re having fun, and that’s the main thing.

To practice preferably with two if you’re nostalgic for the games of this era… otherwise you can go back to Virtua tennis.




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