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14 March 2023
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20 March 2023

You doubt that the huge success of “Super Mario Kart” will spawn a whole clone float.







I’m going to rely on one of the most famous, STREET RACER that you can find emulated in your Retrobox machines on Megadrive, SNES, PS1, Amiga, Saturn and GB.

NB: It is part of the rare racing games that allow eight players simultaneously on the same screen.

For the rest, it’s a game very similar to “Super Mario Kart” but it also knows how to contribute to the game of the genre.

For example, the characters are already armed so you won’t spend a crazy amount of time trying to “chop” the red shells. Of course it brings less possibilities and less diversity given that each fighter/driver only has two strikes. You also have the option to wear a mustache… (I love when this is possible in games… When will a bafwe mode in everyday life… )

This game also come with other game modes like “Football” mode (Ancestor of Rocket league ) or an arena mode in which you have to knock your opponents off the set.

Simple, well made, quick and very manable. What more can one ask.

A very good super Mario kart rival to try out.

Street Racer Megadrive vs SNES:





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