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Bubble Bobble
13 March 2023
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Street Racer
15 March 2023

You have in your machines, a whole bunch of games “like.. “Something as we liked to call them back in the day.”






Yes you know games that do like a cult title, taking back the formula, playability but in another universe.

Whether it’s doom like, earthquake like, mario kart like, etc.. In short, you get the concept.

You also have games that are inspired by known universe. Like STARFLIGHT that you will find emulated in your Retrobox machines on Megadrive.

We can talk about Star Trek like here. Like in this TV series, you have to travel the universe and solve mysteries.

Basically it’s a PC game, which was also adapted on Amiga (Also in your machines), on C64 (Also in your computers) and then on Atari ST.

It’s an exploration game but also an RPG, management game and action game.

For the management part you will have to extract the minerals, manage the sale of the minerals and also take care of the crew and vessel.

For the RPG part it’s more about your crew and the different encounters you’ll make.

For the action part you’ll have to battle in space against different enemies.

It’s pretty full but the graphics are a bit off on this Megadrive version. Remains a unique experience in a vast universe on this machine at the time.

To try if you like the genre:




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