Speed Freaks – ★ Retrogaming Console ★ 75.000 games inside one retro console ! ★
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Battle Garegga
6 March 2023
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Top Gear Overdrive
9 March 2023

In life, you gotta know how to “loot” left and right before you settle. In video games it’s kind of the same but you have to stay curious.





Why stick to a single game of the genre, might as well be it when you can discover so many possibilities.

A human, a Retrobox, millions of possibilities. (It reminds me of “2 girls, one cup”… or “2 guys, one horse”… Arffff the drifts of the internet) .

For example, yes Mario Kart is good, see very good… but damn, it’s not just that game.

And in the go-karting genre, it’s not the choice that’s missing in your machines.

Take the example of SPEED FREAKS that you can find emulated in your PS1  Retrobox machines.

It’s a clone of Mario kart everything was worth it. Of course with the “tares” of PS1 games but who knows how to make some differences with a particular playability that requires more skill than just Mario Kart.

Stays with Crash team racing, a great Mario kart like to try out.

An alternative to consider when you’re fed up with the mustache.

To give a try:


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