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Baiten Kaitos
1 March 2023
edono kibaconsole retrobox retro gaming batocera - Shinobi 3
Edono Kiba
4 March 2023

When a game works and finds its audience, you can almost be certain you will see one or more in a row.





There are no shortage of examples (Street fighter, Street of rage, Golden axe, MGS, Final fantasy, Mortal kombat, Mario kart/tennis/golf, etc.) etc… )

On the 16-bit consoles, be it Sega or Nintendo, game sequences work for our greatest good (or not depending on the games and the player’s fatigue towards the formula of the following games).

But when we love, we more or less anxiously wait for the rest of these games.

I’ve talked about many game sequences many times, good or bad. All the titles are hard to approach.

I talked about a hit game from SEGA, named SHINOBI , now I’m going to address its third sequel titled soberly SHINobi 3 Return of the Ninja that you can find on your Retrobox machines on Megadrive.

This is a Beat em all / 2D platform typical of the good productions of the time.

During the game you will review the lure of any good self-respecting ninja (Sabre and Kunai mainly) but like any martial arts lover you will also be able to use your feet to throw “tatan” punches in the face of opponents.

You will also have at your disposal several magical powers such as an aura of protection, the ability to jump much higher, etc.

A good game of the genre, it is a bit short, but we’ll enjoy getting back to it.

To give a try:





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