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9 March 2023
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11 March 2023

The big problem with games in the old days is difficulty. People born before 2000 know this well. They are not part of this generation of assist or everything needs to be explained and shown.





However, sometimes those “retro” games still had the annoying tendency to get on our nerves especially when they didn’t include neither backup nor password.

This is the case of JEWEL MASTER that you will find emulated in your Retrobox machines on Megadrive. (Also in FR translated version)

Its difficulty could reject you, because finishing six levels with one life and no “continue” is really not easy.

The gameplay proposal of this 2D action game isn’t bad though. You can indeed, as you progress, equip your character with different rings of power that can combine to achieve different attack styles.

A good game (16 bits) but frustrating for the least persistent. To give a try



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