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shinobi console retrobox retro gaming batocera - Edono Kiba
Shinobi 3
3 March 2023
battle garegga console retrobox retro gaming batocera - Edono Kiba
Battle Garegga
6 March 2023

“Exclusive” games on the Japanese market you will find a little bit everywhere emulated in your machines.





It is also one of its great qualities, do not dislike those who are allergic to everything that does not fit from Brittany to Corsica.

Too bad for all those complainers… and for the most part, especially if it’s arcade games or action games, it’s not some “hieroglyphs” or “kanji” if you prefer that will stop the avid video game gamer.

For example, you will find in the Retrobox emulated on SNES, the EDONO KIBA game exclusively on the Japanese market.

It is not the game of the century, but there is still a lot of fun in what it offers.

This is a 2D action game set in a futuristic Tokyo “Run’n’gun” genre.

His playability remains a little rigid but he remains very effective in his action phases.


Nice little game to try out.

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