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Zelda III
12 February 2023
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Blood Bowl
28 February 2023

When you like a certain game genre, and when you like a particular game series, we think you should try out those games on our machines.



One of them certain is DRAGON BALL Z SHIN BUTODEN that you’ll find emulating in your Retrobox machines on Saturn.

By the way, it was an exclusive title on the Japanese market for this console.

This game as an improved version of PS1‘s great classic “DBZ Ultimate battle 22” (Also available on your machines) but with what made this series a success on the SNES, all in a Saturn version.
Rest assured, it’s still a 2D versus fighting game.

Fans will find separation on the screen when you’re on the air and your opponent is on the ground (or the other way around).

It’s a very complete game for few of you who are interested in the universe of these characters. About 30 characters, a dozen different stages, and several game modes such as Versus, Tournament mode, and Squad mode. Not forgetting the “Satan” mode, which advantageously replaces an ordinary solo mode.

This is good ol’ fashioned 2D (the scenery is in 3D though).

A game to be practiced for two preferably.




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