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11 March 2023
starlight console retro gaming retrobox batocera - Bubble Bobble
14 March 2023

Before being a rather reputed thinking game the BUBBLE BOBBLE series was an arcade/platform game.





You will find this game in the arcade but also in a rather good quality Master system adaptation.

If you search elsewhere in your Retrobox machines you’ll find many adaptations of this game on many machines (Arcade Mame/FBneo, Amstrad, Amiga, Atari ST, Apple 2, ZX Spectrum, C64, GB, GBC, Nes, Game gear, etc… )

BOB and BUD the “famous” dinosaur twin brothers appeared with this game.

It’s a 2 player fixed screen game. In this one, you must eliminate enemies without getting touched by locking them in bubbles you spit. (Classy! )

All you have left to do is pop those bubbles.

This simple, cute and terribly addictive.

A classic arcade game to do, in any version.



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