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Dragon Ball Z : Shin Butoden
27 February 2023
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Baiten Kaitos
1 March 2023

If you’ve been following video news, you’ll know that the latest episode of BLOOD BOWL has just dropped on Xbox One X/S and PS5 (Later on Switch).




Obviously this series is not for all gamers, but it’s a kind of game that would appeal to gamers who love strategy games and even more game lovers from the “Warhammer” universe.

It’s not totally a sports game, it’s more an adaptation of a board game derived from American football on a turn-by-turn basis.

Playthe first episode of this series on your Retrobox under the PSP and NDS (Also available on Xbox and PC)

Being the first episode of the series, you doubt the formula was improved afterwards, and that this portable console adaptation is less provided than its original PC version and its two sequences.
This game competes with two teams of creatures from the Warhammer universe (Goblins, Dwarves, Elves, Orcas, etc.. ).

Your primary goal being to score points and touchdowns but a lot of subtleties come into his playability. Feel free to follow the tutorial so you can get away with it, because it’s not an easy game and the rules of the game are not obvious at first.

Still need to adhere to a minimum genre (strategy/tactics) to appreciate this game and especially accept the random part of gameplay and the difficulty raised enough.

To be reserved for the fierce.




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