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edono kibaconsole retrobox retro gaming batocera - Battle Garegga
Edono Kiba
4 March 2023
speed freaks console retrobox retro gaming batocera - Battle Garegga
Speed Freaks
7 March 2023

We often forget to look from the side of Saturn (at least for those who don’t know this console because those who know very well that there are very good titles on this machine).




There are very good arcade game adaptations on Saturn, unfortunately at the time exclusive to the Japanese market.

Luckily your machines allow you to discover both these games in the original arcade version and the adaptation on the Sega Saturn.

So this is the case of BATTLE GAREGGA that you will find in your Retrobox emulation machines on Saturn but also in Arcade Mame / FBneo.

As with many games of this genre, i.e. the “Manic Shooter” or if you prefer shoot ’em up for masochists, the difficulty is very high… but it’s the kind that want it.

This is a “shmup” with a vertical scroll in a “retro futuristic” atmosphere. (A clone of 1941 on acid with different graphics if you prefer)

A game to be reserved for the “pad gods” but deserves a detour both for its graphic qualities and for its unrepentant playability.

Another cult Saturn game to try out.


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