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Blood bowl console retro gaming retrobox batocera - Baiten Kaitos
Blood Bowl
28 February 2023
shinobi console retrobox retro gaming batocera - Baiten Kaitos
Shinobi 3
3 March 2023

The offer may have been less plentiful than the competition but at least we had some quality games that were outstanding.






This is how one would sum up Gamecube’s “RPG/JRPG” playbook.

Because between Zelda, Skies of arcadia, Tales of symphony and Phantasy star (among others) we already had the best to do and had a lot to take care of. Even today these games are still so good.

We should also not forget BAITEN KAITOS Eternal wings and the lost ocean which did not have the success it should have been.

Then you have the heavy task of rectifying all this because it’s a game that’s worth it even though we love the genre.

And if you like this game, you can then chain to its sequel also available in emulation in your Retrobox machines but never published at the time in Europe.

I’m not going to explain this game, that would be too long. Just know it’s a turn-by-turn RPG (to make it really very simple) with a rarely unmatched wealth of gameplay.

You will have very long time if you want to do the main quest and all the side quests.

Everything is breathing good job in this game. Whether it’s the graphics, the soundtrack or the gameplay… in short: a cult game for which btw a remake should be announced soon (to be continued).




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